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When the moon turns red and the earth bleeds 5 girls will rise and take over.Eatch with there own mystery and past. All of them have diffrent abbilitys and diffrent personalitys but will have to work together to get through this. Niaja, Yuffie, Meow, Rainson and Primula will have to go through school like normal girls. But the problem is there not normal girls and they just cant get the hang of being normal. People are sometimes frighten by the sudden anger. Sometimes they can understand eatch other with out talking and tell what type of mood there in. Rainson is the girl whos usually quiet when shes bothered by something but if you take her to her limit she burst all of a sudden when u less exspect her to shes also a deep thinker. Yuffie can be the loud and funny one . Shes always got something to say and theres never a dull moment around her. She can get mad at you but sometimes gets over it after a while. Niaja is usually around yuffie but hangs out with yuffie and Rainson in band. Is usually the one to cheer up everyone if everyones sad. Catches up quikley one attuides and knows what mood you might be in. Meow is usually not so loud and not so quiet shes in between. Causes trouble but never gets cought. Primula is the quiet one but when she jokes she always has something funny to say. All of them either though they have diffrent attuides are best friends and will always be even if they argue sometimes.

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